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What is Yin & Yang Yoga ?

Yin & Yang are two complementary, inseparable and constantly changing energies that are the prerequisite for all life. The challenge for us in life is to find the balance between Yin & Yang in everything we do. The more we find this balance, the more likely we are to prevent blockages in the energy pathways and the Chi or Prana, our life energy can flow freely. Body, soul and spirit are healthy. The principle of Yin & Yang forms the decisive basis of balance in nature, the cosmos and man.

The 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.

Everything in this world can be described through these elements. Ayurveda and Yoga bring balance into our lives by feeling our true nature, and thus the individual composition of the elements, in our body and balancing it again and again.


In the ayurvedic teaching the five elements determine us humans and our living space. They control our physical functions, behaviors, strengths, weaknesses and attitudes. These life energies are basic functional principles which are responsible for all physical and psychological processes. If our energies get out of balance, complaints and illnesses can arise. A harmonious interaction of the elements is the characteristic for health and well-being. 


In the Yin & Yang training we connect Yin & Yang with the qualities and the transforming power of the 5 elements and balance them in us. Thus we achieve more stability, flexibility, clarity, lightness and joy of life. 


EARTH - Stability - Asana Focus on standing positions and balance

WATER - Flowing - Asana Focus on hip opening and prevention

FIRE - Transformation - Asana focus on twists, hull side opening and a strong center

AIR - Lightness - Asana focus on heart/shoulder opening, backbends

AETHER - Attention - Connection to Consciousness, Spirituality and Meditation

About the Training

This course is for all yoga practitioners. Prior knowledge and experience of any style of yoga will be helpful. All the trainings are a combination of bot theory and practice. Aspects we address are: anatomy, philosophy, teaching skills, intense Asana practice, using of props, variations and modifications in each Asana, motion analysis, meditation and breathing techniques.

Yoga Alliance Certification

After your successful completion of the training you will receive a Training Certificate issued by Mona Abter with the number of hours of continuous education: Mona is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and a Continous Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance.

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