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20 hours Yin & Yang Teacher Training '5 elements'

Yoga Alliance Certified 20h CEP

About the Course

Yin & Yang It´s all about balance

This Yin & Yang Yoga teacher training is suitable for all dedicated yoga teachers, yoga practioners and bodyworkers of all levels and styles who would like to deepen their practice, teaching and understanding of yoga and their own body to find a more balanced approach.

We invite you to cultivate balance, harmony and freedom in your life on and off the yogamat. Exploring the unknown and allowing magic to happen. Being open for change and giving yourself the permission to adapt the way you practice and teach to the individual. That may mean to let go of some old rules and dogmas. To create space for a practice and teaching that focuses much more on how it feels like than how it looks like. Feeling and connecting to the physical, mental and emotional sensations so you can cultivate freedom and an embodied practice.

This weekend is characterized by lots of practice and interactive group work and invites you to come into deeper contact with your body and your whole being
Time to observe your thoughts, to explore sensations in body and mind and to consciously perceive your emotions without judgement. Cultivating awareness and paying attention to how it feels in the body rather than thinking about how should it look like?Finding joy in your practice and teaching and freedom in movement and stillness.

Most of you are very familiar with teaching alignment principles and technical aspects of asanas after many years of teaching experience. With this continuing education training we would like to inspire you to develop a creative and individually adapted teaching style and practice.

Integrating the qualities and aspects of the5 elements as a guide into your teaching and practice. Qualities such as stability and being rooted (earth) creativity and going with the flow (water) transformation and courage (Fire) lightness and freedom (air), infinity and consciousness (space).

The theme of the 5 elements from the Indian tradition and the thousands of years old healing system of Ayurveda form the philosophical background for the theory and practice in the training.
With a variety of tools like Asana practice, meditation, pranayama and interactive group work, we will spend time together observing ourselves and others to experience and learn where elements may be out of balance (deficient or excessive energy) or when they are in balance. We will explore how different Yin and Yang practices can be applied to bring the energy in the elements back into balance.


20 hours Training Course Content 

In the +20 hours training the following training contents are offered:

  • 5 classes a 90 min yoga practice, adapted to one of the 5 elements, we combine calm, slow and deeply opening yin yoga with flowing, dynamic and creative elements of vinyasa in different forms.

  • Pranayama, meditation and mudras, suitable to the different elements, deepen and complement the practice.

  • Theory and basics of the 5 elements from the Indian tradition

  • Introduction to the teachings of Ayurveda and the 3 Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha

  • Structure and suggestions for teaching Yin & Yang and how to combine these two yoga styles in one's own practice

  • Interactive group work and teach the qualities of the 5 elements

  • `the art of teaching` Less teaching of alignment principles and technique towards teaching qualities of the elements and various aspects of life

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