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Yin Yoga Overview

What is Yin Yoga ?

Yin Yoga is a subtle, deep and powerful approach to Yoga. In this style most postures are floor postures and are held for a longer period of time like 3-5 minutes or more. In Yang style of yoga postures are held for 3-60 seconds or 4-5 breaths only and all the muscles are actively involved. Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa or Hatha are the best examples of yang  styles of yoga. While the yin yoga mainly affects the joints and the deep connective tissues. It is an individually adapted, slow and meditative asana practice combined with internal awareness. Asanas are practiced in a passive way with relaxed muscles.

When we hold the pose for 3-5min then we reach into the deepest layers of our body working on the connective tissues, fasciae, ligaments, tendons and joints. Letting go, listening to your inner voice and connecting to your true nature is the key and goal.
Yin Yoga combines breathing and asana into a meditative, very deep opening and healing practice. It´s more about BEING and letting go than DOING.

About the Training

This course is for all yoga practitioners. Prior knowledge and experience of any style of yoga will be helpful.  The whole training has been divided into two levels whereas level one is 30 hrs and level two is 20 hours. All the trainings are a combination of bot theory and practice. Aspects we address are: anatomy, philosophy, teaching skills, intense Asana practice, using of props, variations and modifications in each Asana, motion analysis, meditation and breathing techniques.

Yoga Alliance Certification

After your successful completion of the training you will receive a Training Certificate issued by Mona Abter with the number of hours of continuous education: Mona is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and a Continous Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance.


Yin Yoga TTC 30 hours - Level 1

The Yin Yoga 1 training is suitable for yoga students of all levels and yoga teachers who would like to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga and like to explore and learn a complementary practice to all the dynamic yoga styles. This training will amplify both your knowledge about and your practice of yoga, therefore supplementing the unfolding of your spiritual path.
After this 30hrs Yin Yoga 1 training you will have all `basic tools` to teach a Yin Yoga class with the 30 Yin Yoga Asanas and to give your students individual assists and variations in every pose. And of course you will do your own Yin Yoga practice with awareness and respect to the limitations of your body. You will understand why two people will never experience the same yoga posture in the same way, and the same pose may look different on every person due to the individual bone structure.
Total 30 hrs of profound Yin Yoga practice, theory and exploration.

Yin Yoga TTC 50 hours - Level 2

The Yin Yoga 2 training is an opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply into the various aspects of Yin Yoga especially into the energetic aspects of the Meridians and Chi Flow.
In our Yin Yoga practice and sequences we will integrate the use of Mudras and gear towards the different Meridians.
We will amplify our anatomical understanding and knowledge of the Yin Yoga Basic 1 training in theory and practice and explore the fascinating world of connective tissue (Fascia).  Themes will be chronic back pain, the impact of emotional stress and Yin Yoga therapy. We complete the 30 Yin Yoga Asanas from the first course with variations practicing Yin Yoga on the wall and sequencing with focus on the shoulder neck area and finally we explore Yin & Yang ´It´s all about balance ´. An Asana experience combining dynamic, creative Vinyasa Flow and deep opening meditative Yin Yoga.

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