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Frequently Asked Questions



1. Where do you offer your 50hr and 60hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses?
In Europe - currently in Germany, Switzerland and Spain

2. In which languages do you offer your course?
We offer our course in German in the German speaking countries Germany and Switzerland, and in English in the rest of Europe.

3. Can i do level 1 and 2 separately and at different locations?
Yes you can. You are very welcome to do first level 1 and level 2 any time later. If you wish you can do the 2 modules in different locations too. If you book both modules together we offer a better price.

4. How is the 50 and 60hr course structured? 
Our 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training course is taught in 2 levels. Level 1 is 30 hours and Level 2 is 20 hours
In Spain and Goa we teach the 60 hours in a 6 days course, in Germany, Switzeland and Italy it is divided in 2 modules.
4 full days Thursday to Sunday and another long weekend Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

 5. How much does the course cost?
The cost of the training differs in each location. To find out how much a specific course costs please click on all courses and then select the particular training you are interested in. Click onto the link of the studio where you then find all detailed information about costs, course content and location of studio. Here you can register for the course directly with the studio.

6. Who is this course suitable for and are there any course prerequisites?
This course is suitable for all yoga practitioners. yoga teachers, bodyworker, and massagetherapists. Prior knowledge and experience of any style of yoga will be helpful. For qualified yoga teachers it is a Yoga Alliance certified continuing teaching program, and after successful completion you will receive a training certificate with the number of hours. You will have all the tools to teach a yin yoga class after the course.

7. What are the main themes of this course?
The whole training has been divided into two levels whereas level one is 30 hours and level two is 20 hours. All the trainings are a combination of theory and practice both. Aspects we address are: anatomy, philosophy, teaching skills, intense Asana practice, using of props, variations and modifications in each Asana, motion analysis, meditation and breathing techniques. Detailed course content you find on level 1 and level 2

8. Do we have to pass an exam?
Yes, there is a final exam at the end of the 50 hr and 60hr training.
Don't worry, you will be well prepared.

9. Do you offer study material?
Yes. You will receive a script for each module, level 1 and level 2
As well as a Yin Yoga Asana Manual which in some courses is included in others it has to be purchased..
Additional you receive various book and Dvd recommendations. 

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