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25h Yin Yoga Advanced Training Level 2

Additional to our 50hrs residential Yin Yoga trainings in Spain and Goa we offer a 30hrs Foundation Training Level 1 and a 20hrs Advanced module Level 2 in Switzerland and Spain:

  • The course in Switzerland is taught in german language.

  • The course in Spain is taught in english language.

  • The 25hrs Yin Yoga Level 1 +2 trainings are taught in 3 full days from Friday to Sunday.

To join the 25hrs course the participation of the 25hrs course is required ! In case you have preknowledge of Yin Yoga and did a Yin training with another teacher a participation of this course woud be possible. 

25 hours - Level 1 training overview

The Yin Yoga 2 training is an opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply into the various aspects of Yin Yoga especially into the energetic aspects of the Meridians and Chi Flow. We will learn about the 5 elements of TCM, earth, water, fire, metal and wood.

In our Yin Yoga practice and sequences we will integrate the use of Mudras and gear towards the different Meridians. We will amplify our anatomical understanding and knowledge of the Yin Yoga Foundation training Level 1 in theory and practice and explore the fascinating world of connective tissue (Fascia).  Themes will be chronic back pain and the impact of emotional stress.


We complete the 35 Yin Yoga Asanas from the first course with variations practicing Yin Yoga on the wall and sequencing with focus on the shoulder neck area. We explore the benefits of Yin & Yang: ´It´s all about balance ´. 

How can we combine Yin & Yang in a class? Asana experiences combining dynamic, creative sequneces like Vinyasa Flow, dynamic meditation, joint mobilisation  and deep opening meditative Yin Yoga. 

25 hours - Level 1 training content

  • Energetic system, Meridians and Chi Flow in Yin Yoga 

  • The 5 elements of TCM

  • Physical, mental and emotional impact and imbalances if the energy is not freely flowing in the meridians 

  • Yin Yoga and Integration of Mudras

  • 2 comprehensive Yin Yoga classes with focus on different meridians

  • 2 classes Yin & Yang ´It´s all about balance ´ an Asana experience combining dynamic, creative Yang parts and deep opening meditative Yin Yoga

  • Joint mobilisation

  • Fascinating world of Fascia (the Matrix connective tissue)

  • Modern Meridian theory according to Dr. Motoyama

  • Fascia research the newest results 

  • Pain relief through Yin Yoga stimulating the fascia

  • Chronic back pain, Hernia (slipped disc)

  • Where does pain come from?

  • The impact of emotional stress to chronic pain

  • Group work

  • Motion analysis in the group, understanding the impact of individual bone structure in the Asana practice​

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