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15 hours MyoYin Online training
Yin Yoga & Myofascia Release through triggerpoint massage using tennisballs

Training overview

Would you like to get to know effective self-help tools to release unpleasant tensions and to relieve existing pain, e.g. in the back? Addional to increase the mobility of your joints, improve your posture and stability and stimulate the flow of energy in your body, thus increasing your general well-being? 

In this training you will learn two very effective techniques that work specifically on your connective tissue, the so-called fascia, and thus release tension and agglutination in the myofascial tissue, so that pain can be relieved or even disappear completely, and the healing process is actively supported and accelerated. 

About MyoYin Yoga

MyoYin is also a wonderful addition to any sporting activity and training, no matter what sport you do in your everyday life. Yoga, martial arts, fitness training, running, cycling, climbing and much more.

MyoYin is the combination of Myofascia Release (MFR) and Yin Yoga. 
Myo stands for Myofascial release, which can be translated as fascia relaxation or loosening. Yin stands for Yin Yoga, where we hold the Yoga postures in a passive way over a longer time (3-5min) mainly sitting or lying on the floor. It is a deeply opening, yet gentle and meditative yoga practice. With both methods we specifically stimulate our fascia and connective tissue.
With the combination of Myofascia Release & Yin Yoga you get a comprehensive and effective method in your hands, with which you actively can do something against your pain and for your well-being and recovery.  

In the MyoYin practice we combine the targeted pressure point massage of the trigger points with a tennis ball followed by deep, passive stretching of the Yin Yoga.
You will learn how to use special roll and trigger point techniques with tennis balls to release deep-seated tensions and agglutinations in the fascia tissue and to relieve pain in the long term. In combination with specific Yin Yoga postures that work in the related muscle group (myofascial tissue) and the corresponding target area, we then stimulate the deep connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. The previous treatment with tennis balls positively supports the stretching effect of Yin Yoga and you can sink deep into the positions and release tension. Through both techniques we release the increased tension in the tissue and reduce pain. 

About Myofascia

Myofascia are the muscle tissue and the fascia that surround it. Perhaps you have heard of the so-called "trigger points". Trigger points are punctual hardenings of the muscle and the surrounding fascia, which are usually very painful at this point, or are often perceived as radiating pain in a completely different area of the body. 

These myofascial tensions can therefore occur practically anywhere in the body, and they have various causes. They arise, for example, from permanent incorrect or relieving postures, monotonous movements, one-sided strain, often also due to lack of movement or immobility (e.g. injuries) or overstraining in sports. But also psychological factors such as stress, e.g. pressure and tension at work, and emotional strain influence the tension and functions of the fascial chains.

15h training content


In this training I would like to show you how you can stimulate your fascial tissue with few means, simple exercises, mindfulness and a little routine. By loosening agglutinations in the fascia, we can reduce tension and pain, stimulate the flow of energy and significantly improve our range of motion of the joints.
During the weekend we will deal with the anatomical basics and the theory of both techniques and communicate knowledge from the latest fascial research. In the following MyoYin practice we put the theoretical knowledge into practice and deepen the understanding of the mentioned method. 

After the course, you will be familiar with the meaningful and effective structure of a MyoYin class for your own practice, or to pass on MyoYin.

  • What is Myofascia Release?

  • Myofascial Release in theory & practice

  • Ball techniques, Ball Therapy

  • Yin Yoga Asanas in theory & practice

  • 3 MyoYin classes of 2 hours each for different target areas from the Head down to the Feet

  • MyoYin sequencing

  • Important Acupunture/Acupressure points

  • Anatomy Fascia

  • Causes of fascia dysfunction

  • Anatomy of the skeletal muscles 

  • What are trigger points?

  • Symptoms, causes and treatment of various complaints of the musculoskeletal system

  • like shoulder/arm syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, 

  • Tendinitis, osteoarthritis and slipped disc problems

  • Handout


To join the 15hrs course the participation of my 30hrs Level 1course is recommended, but in case you have preknowledge of Yin Yoga and did a Yin training with another teacher already you are very welcome to participate in this course.

This training is a Yoga Alliance certified course CEP (Continous education program)

Course Schedule


The 15 hours training will be held over one long weekend.  Three days, during five hours per day. European Standard time Gmt +1

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.00h – 12.00h and 13.00h – 15.00h
1 hour Lunchbreak 12.00 – 13.00h in between the morning and afternoon session.

We will run the course via Zoom Live Sessions. In case you are joining us from a different time zone and the live hours don´t suit you, you will have the possibility to watch every session in recorded version:
Every evening after finishing the live session we will send you the link for the Recording. 

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