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30h Yin Yoga Foundation - Online Training Level 1

30 hours - Level 1 training overview

The Yin Yoga online training Level 1 is suitable for yoga students of all levels and yoga teachers who would like to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga and like to explore and learn a complementary practice to all the dynamic yoga styles. This training will amplify both your knowledge about and your practice of yoga, therefore supplementing the unfolding of your spiritual path.

We will practice Yin Yoga about 3hours every day, including meditation and pranayama. 

To understand and embody what Yin Yoga is about, feeling and exploration has priority and huge transformative effects on body, mind and soul. The Yin Yoga training is an opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply into the various aspects of Yin Yoga, the physical, mental and emotional aspects

After this 30hrs Yin Yoga training you will have all `basic tools` to teach a Yin Yoga class with the 35 Yin Yoga Asanas and to give your students individual assists and variations in every pose. And of course you will do your own Yin Yoga practice with awareness and respect to the limitations of your body. You will understand why two people will never experience the same yoga posture in the same way, and the same pose may look different on every person due to the

individual bone structure. Total 30 hours of profound Yin Yoga practice, theory and exploration.​

30 hours - Level 1 training content


  • Daily morning practice of an intense 2hrs Yin Yoga class (5 classes)
    with different themes, Meditation & Pranayama related to the 5 elements.

  • Afternoon Yin Yoga practice of short sequences with special themes

  • Yin Yoga Practice on the wall

  • Experiencing the benefits of integrating some Yang elements

  • MyoYin Yin Yoga meets triggerpoint massage with tennisballs

  • 35 Yin Yoga Asanas in theory and practice, breakdown of each Asana

  • Variations, modifications and the use of props in each of the 35 Asanas


  • The learning prescription (Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasa)

  • What is Yin Yoga about? Knowledge and understanding of the Yin Yoga approach (difference between a Yin passive and Yang dynamic style of Yoga)

  • Yin & Yang (The Chinese understanding how the world functions)



  • Anatomy according to Paul Grilley: Looking at the 14 segments of the bone structure Understanding the individual bone structure/skeleton 

  • Compression versus Tension, Orientation and Proportion 

  • Limitation in all asanas & the uniqueness of the human body

  • Fascinating world of Fascia `The matrix connective tissue`

  • Fascia research the newest results and Videos

  • Bio Tensegrity

Teaching Methodology

  • Yin Yoga sequencing and tools to teach a Yin Yoga class

  • How to communicate the value of Yin Yoga 

  • Teaching methodology Function versus Aesthetic

  • Developing a functional approach to practice and teach Yoga

You will receive two Manuals :

  • Yin Yoga Asana Manual with all 35 Yin pose (60 pages)

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy Script (20 pages)

This training is a Yoga Alliance certified course CEP (Continous education program)

Course Schedule

The 30 hours training will be held over two weekends, on five days, during 6 six hours per day. European time Gmt +1:

Weekend 1​
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.00h – 12.00h and 13.00h – 16.00h
1 hour Lunchbreak 12.00 – 13.00h in between the morning and afternoon session.

Weekend 2
Saturday and Sunday 9.00h – 12.00h and 13.00h – 16.00h
1 hour Lunchbreak in between the morning and afternoon session.

We will run the course via Zoom Live Sessions. Additionaly you will have the possibility to watch every session in recorded version. In case you are joining from a different time zone and the live hours don´t suit you. 

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