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Testimonials from our retreats

Lorna Earl, Canada

I travel from Canada every year for one of Mona's retreats. They are fabulous. Great people, fine yoga (Vinyasa flow and Yin), great location. Love it.

Nanette H. Germany


I really love the passion Mona has for Yoga and her teaching. I have joined her Yin&Yang Retreats in Tarifa twice (Vinyasa flow & Yin) and last November i was part of the 50hrs Yin yoga teacher training. So lovely staying with such a nice yoga crowd in Villa la Peña in Tarifa!!!! 

Bettina Lenz, germany

 Mona is an outstanding yoga teacher, sympathetic, warm-hearted, cordial. Since she adjusts herself to each person, it is suitable for beginners, "casual yogis" (like me 😜) and "experts". Mona combines different yoga styles with different meditation techniques. She also adjusts well to "physical quirks" (knee, back, shoulder problems, etc.). Hikes and yoga by the sea, e.g. at sunset, are also on offer. In addition, Mona and Gunnar offer excellent massages. Since they have been living in Tarifa for a long time, there are also great insider tips. In addition to the great surroundings - Tarifa, the sea, super beaches, a cozy luxury villa with outdoor/indoor pool, huge garden and fantastic views over the whole Tarifa bay. In addition, delicious food and a relaxed, fun group atmosphere. An all-round wellness package. Mona and Gunnar. 1000 Thanks❣ I am already looking forward to next time. 

Britt H. Germany

Mona is an excellent and very sympathetic yoga teacher. Even beginners or people who have not been doing yoga long and regularly will feel very well taken care of and accompanied by her. Mona convinces by her ability and the gift to pay attention to each individual's strengths and weaknesses.


The One Week Yoga Retreat in Tarifa Andalusia was so varied and great. The location could not have been better chosen and the care was every day a culinary delight! I especially liked the fact that we did 3 guided hikes to the dreamlike surroundings between daily yoga classes. We practiced yoga at the beach and also found time for the beach and the sea. Better, dear people, is not possible. I am already looking forward to a repeat in 2019 with many thanks 

Patricia UK

Mona Abter of Yoga Sunshine is a yoga teacher extraordinaire. My practice has been greatly improved and enhanced year by year under Mona’s empathetic tuition, sound knowledge of philosophy and anatomy and personal, individual care. Through both Yin and Yang classes Mona ensures that yoga is seen and experienced as a way of life. Focussing always on meditative breathing she encourages her students to acknowledge and find their own challenge and edge, but also to honour their bodies and discover a calmness and positive yoga practice that leads to a personal growth, rather than simply a series of asanas to tone and strengthen. I say this as a

pupil over the past five years, both in Goa  and also in Spain, where I have regularly attended her meticulously-planned retreats. These are held in gorgeous villas, with exquisite food and in a variety of beautiful, natural settings to compliment the morning and afternoon yoga sessions. I cannot recommend Mona and her commitment to every student’s well being, physically, emotionally and spiritually, highly enough. To say that yoga is my whole life would not be accurate, but it would be fair to say that my yoga practice with Mona has made me whole. 

Stephanie Fincham UK

I was lucky enough to come across Mona when she was teaching yoga in Goa, India. I have been on five retreats with her in Tarifa and can't wait to go again. She is by far the most inspiring and beautiful teacher. Her morning classes combine meditation with vinyasa flow, three afternoons are yin classes, either on a gorgeous, quiet beach or in the garden of the villa. I am now strong enough and confident enough to able to practice at home.


In Tarifa we stay in a beautiful villa just outside the town with views across the Strait of Gibraltar to the hills of Morocco. Brunch after morning yoga and an evening meal are prepared by two fantastic local chefs at the villa. Mona knows the area well and organises treks some afternoons to stunning places we otherwise would not have found. The whole week is simply magnificent - and Mona seems to attract extremely nice people; I travel alone and have made great friends there...

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