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+15h Yin Yoga Online Training - Level 2

„The 5 elements and Meridians in TCM and Yin Yoga“

Level 2 training overview

The Yin Yoga Level 2 training is an opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply into the various aspects of Yin Yoga especially into the energetic aspects of the Meridians and Chi Flow. We will explore the 5 elements of TCM, Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal and Water and learn about the physical, mental and emotional impact and deseases if the elements get out of balance and the energy is not freely flowing in the Meridians anymore.  

In our Yin Yoga practice and sequences we will have a different themes focusing on the various parts of the body, integrating the use of Mudras and gear towards the different Meridians.

You will learn about the important role Yin Yoga can play in building and maintaining our energy sytem.

We will amplify our anatomical understanding and knowledge of the Yin Yoga Foundation training Level 1 in theory and practice and explore the fascinating world of connective tissue (Fascia) more profound.  Themes will be chronic back pain and the influence of mental stress and emotional imbalance on pain.   


30 hours - Level 1 training content

  • The 5 elements of TCM Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

  • Energetic System “The 12 main Meridians in TCM “
    Their location and related elements, emotions and functions          

  • Chi Flow in Yin Yoga 

  • Physical, mental and emotional impact and imbalances if the energy is not freely flowing in the meridians 

  • Yin Yoga and Integration of Mudras

  • 3 comprehensive Yin Yoga classes with focus on different meridians and elements every morning

  • Afternoon classes with special themes:
    - Yin&Yang class integrating various Yang practices into the Yin Sequence 
    - Yin Yoga sequence combined with stimulation of Accupressure points using a tennisball
    - Yin Yoga sequence to release tension and pain in the shoulder neck area 

  • How to teach a Yin class stimulating different Meridians

  • Fascinating world of Fascia (the Matrix connective tissue)

  • Modern Meridian theory according to Dr. Motoyama (Hyaloronoc acid)

  • Fascia research the newest results 

  • Pain relief through Yin Yoga stimulating the fascia

  • Chronic back pain, Hernia (slipped disc)

  • Where does pain come from?

  • The impact of emotional stress to chronic pain


To join the 15hrs course the participation of my 30hrs Level 1course is recommended, but in case you have preknowledge of Yin Yoga and did a Yin training with another teacher already you are very welcome to participate in this course.

This training is a Yoga Alliance certified course CEP (Continous education program)

Course Schedule

The 15 hours training will be held over one long weekend. Three days, during five hours per day. European Standard time Gmt +1

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.00h – 12.00h and 13.00h – 15.00h
1 hour Lunchbreak 12.00 – 13.00h in between the morning and afternoon session.

We will run the course via Zoom Live Sessions. In case you are joining us from a different time zone and the live hours don´t suit you, you will have the possibility to watch every session in recorded version.
Every evening after finishing the live session we will send you the link for the Recording. 

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