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Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Tarifa / Spain


21st - 28th of September 2024


Finca ”La Pena”


Early Bird until 15th June 2024

 € 1'290,- Double room sharing
€ 1'490
,- Single room sharing bath

 € 1'650,- Single room private bath



Retreat Overview

The topic of this yoga retreat is Yin & Yang The dance in between letting go and doing.
The daily themes are related to the 5 elements Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Space.
The principle of Yin & Yang builds the foundation for balance in the universe, nature, life and the human being. Health means balance between Yin &Yang. Health for the physical body, the mind and the soul. Cultivate balance, harmony and freedom in your life on and off the yogamat.

The morning practice will have a more dynamic approach, where we will move through inspiring, creative and dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequences with different themes each day. Bringing our focus onto the breath and experiencing the power of breathing, combining breath and movement into an effortless dance and allowing our energy to flow more freely. Exploring our physical and mental edges. The Yang Practice will increase our flexibility, strength and energy, support us to become more focused and is deeply detoxifying. During the Retreat week you have the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of Pranayama techniques like energizing, calming, soothing or balancing breathing techniques which can be easily adapted to your daily life when you are back home. Moreover we will explore several types of meditation in stillness, moving, guided through visualization and Chakras.

In the afternoon we dive into the meditative stillness. Surrendering into the slow pace and deep opening of Yin Yoga which challenges you to be in the pure presence of awareness. It combines meditation and asana into a very deep yoga practice. Experience deep passive stretches and letting go, listen to your inner voice and connect to your true nature. Breath, meditation and asana merge into a deep, liberating, and wholesome yoga practice. On a mental and emotional level, the Yin practice allows the body to drop down into the parasympathetic nervous system, and therefore becomes deeply healing, nourishing and has profound energetic and emotional effects. Surrounded by macnificent nature we practice the Yin classes on the beach or in the beautiful garden of the Villa.

When we go for a hike and there won´t be any afternoon yoga practice the morning class will be a Yin & Yang Practice, where we explore the opposite but complementary aspects like stillness and movement, letting go and doing, action and meditation, giving and receiving, flexibility and stability in a Practice of Asanas and different types of Meditation.

SILENCE Some days will include mornings in silence

A calm and silent mind is the new luxury in the hustle and buzzle of everyday life.
This experience invites you to come in contact with your heart, true being and the deeper aspects of life
Silence gives you the opportunity to be in an introspective state, to go beyond the inner and outer distractions, and simply be in-tune with your heart and soul. When your inner and outer world are silent, you feel true peace and freedom.
You can tune out the world and enter into your own. Become silent and still. Be free. Silence is a wonderful way to create space in your mind, to reduce stress and gain clarity.
Take the energy you normally use for external communication and channel it inward.
Silent does not always mean quiet! There are many sounds in the nature which we will become aware of and deeply listening to when we become silent.

What You Get

The retreat will include 30 hours of intensive yoga, pranayama, and meditation practice and exploration, aswell as two magnificent hikes in the most beautiful and unspoilt nature with spectacular views.

Our private chefs will be nourishing us with delicious mediteranian and asian influenced vegetarian meals. A huge variety of dishes will be served for our daily brunch and a three courses dinner in the evenings

Of course, there's plenty of time in between our Yoga sessions to enjoy both beach and ocean, and to explore the historic quarter of Tarifa, with its little boutiques, coffee shops and tapa bars.

If you like to take it easy stay in the beautiful garden of the villa reading, chilling or just pamper yourself with a massage.
Mona and Gunnar are massage therapists with more than 20 years of experience in different styles providing you a holistic treatment which brings back energy and balance into your body, mind and soul.

Our Retreat Location

We will be staying at the Finca La Peña. The privately owned Villa La Peña sits on a slope, slightly elevated, permitting breathtaking views of the Bay of Tarifa and the Straight of Gibraltar. The beach is situated within 500m, the charming vintage quarter of Tarifa is within 6km. The villa comprises 6 double rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, dining area, living area with fireplace, porch, both indoor and outdoor pool, magnificent patio, expansive garden, and a beautiful yoga room.

The estate is surrounded by a natural park; a perfect environment to enjoy soothing quietude and to take the opportunity to watch fauna and flora. Here, time appears to have come to a halt. The presence of the moment is tangible.
The 10km white sand beach is one of the most beautiful and most pristine in all of Europe, permitting unobstructed views—an invitation to go for extended strolls. Or maybe you prefer to dig your feet in the warm sand, listen to the sound of the sea, enjoy the sunshine and leave all your cares behind? 


Yoga course schedule

Weekly schedule:

  • 3 mornings 2.5 hrs. Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama and Meditation

  • 3 mornings 2.5 hrs Yin & Yang Asana Practice, Pranayama and Meditation

  • 3 afternoons 1.5 hrs. Yin yoga and Meditation

  • 2 afternoons 4 hrs. Hiking

  • Some mornings in silence

  • Wednesday afternoon and evening off, no programm, no dinner 

The following is an approximation of a typical retreat day and may be adapted:

  • 8:30—11:00 Vinyasa Flow, or Yin & Yang, Pranayama, Meditation

  • 11:00 Brunch
    12:00—17:00 time at your disposal

  • 17:30—19:00 Yin yoga or 16:00-20:00 Hiking

  • 20:00 Dinner 

Yoga teachers

Mona and Gunnar are living in Tarifa and are teaching Yoga Retreats since many years. See: About us

Tarifa excursions and adventures


There’s a whole host of things to do in Tarifa, from adventure sports such as Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Horse Riding, Kayaking and Canyoning and more gentle hiking along rugged sandy beaches, gentle mountains or beach side promenades.

Day trips to Tangiers, Morroco – Baelo Claudia Roman ruins and museum at Bolonia – Tuna Canning Museum, Tarifa – Whale Watching – Flamenco – interesting variety of independent shops.

Great beachside café and restaurant within walking distance. Numerous cafes and restaurants in Tarifa town.


Price Detail

Early bird: until 15th of June 2024

  • Double room sharing                            1290 EUR

  • Single room (sharing bathroom)         1490 EUR

  • Single room (private bathroom)          1650 EUR

​Regular Price: As of June 16th 2024 Early bird price plus 100 Euro


Services included in the retreat:

  • 7 nights in a double room,

  • 7x brunch, 6x dinner,

  • all yoga classes and hiking trips (30 hrs.).

Not included in the rates are costs for transfer to the location, airfare, and rental car. These services need to be booked and purchased separately.

Travel Details

Airports nearest to Tarifa

  •   Gibraltar 40 km

  •   Jerez de la Frontera 120 km

  •   Malaga 160 km

  •   Seville 200 km


Car Rental

  •   aviable on every airport

Inquiry and booking

For further inquiries please send us a mail or contact us at +34 646 867 376

Please send us your name and address

together with your booking inquiry:

Booking Conditions

The Reservations is fixed in the moment of your booking. On booking we ask for an advance payment of 440 €

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